Creating dreams and emotions for more than 25 years, our master glass makers et ceramists design and manufacture unique glass artworks in our workshop in France. Our creations combine elegance and style with the refinement of material and their finish.

Working in France and worldwide with interior designers and architects, we manufacture custom made lighting pieces, furnitures and decorative glass panels that enhance your projects.

Two artists, the same spirit

Through their rich inspiration and varied techniques, Natacha MONDON et Eric PIERRE have designed the most outstanding glass artworks for interior design and heritage monuments in the past years.
Their creations have been awarded many prizes.

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With Arthylé you are entering a world where elegance and luxury rhyme with delicate workmanship and noble materials. Our creations offer a perfect combination of sophistication and design and will enhance your interior.


Our pure and timeless creations will perfectly suit your home specifications and design.

Refinement of material

Designed for a lifetime, our creations are manufactured with outstanding quality and noble materials.

A team at your service

As an architect or an interior designer, we will support you throughout your project. From sketch to installation, we are constantly working with your team according to your requirements.


Relying on a unique craftsmanship, Arthylé designs and manufactures every custom made glass artworks to enhance your interior and enlighten it.

From our design studio to our workshop, we combine traditional techniques with technological innovation.